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At 6ft Club, we deliver unique quality products that will give you a boost in height, increasing your confidence and positively changing the world's perception. We can't eliminate height bias, but we can help you capitalize on it. Now you too can enjoy the benefits of being taller.

Enjoy free shipping in the United States on all orders. We also offer free international shipping on orders over seventy five dollars. All orders arrive within three to five business days unless you pay for expedited shipping. Great customer service too.
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All U.S. orders (including Alaska & Hawaii) ship for free within 1 business day and arrive within 3-5 business days. Order by 11 am PST for same-day shipping.

We offer free 60 day returns on our height increasing elevator insoles. Get instant maximum height without the worry of losing out on your hard earned money. Enjoy your worry free purchase of our two inch plus mens shoe lifts today. Elevation soles height
Free 60 Day Returns

Return your item(s) for free within 60 days and receive a full refund. You can find our returns policy here.

We offer safe and secure checkout for all of our height insole products. When you choose our insoles that make you taller, you can do it worry free. Grow taller instantly with our insoles that increase height. Gain confidence with our height insert soles
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how to use

Our insoles are one size fits all, trim to fit. Men's size 7.5 to 11.5 for the American male foot. You can also adjust the layers to achieve desired height.

Trim the insole to size if needed using the factory insole as a reference.

Before inserting the men's shoe lifts into your favorite hi-top sneakers or boots, be sure to loosen the laces as much as possible. This will create maximum space in your shoes for maximum height. Stand taller instantly with 6ft club elevation soles.

Select the shoes you want to use, ideally hi-tops or boots with lots of room. Then, loosen the laces.

Once you have trimmed the height increasing insoles to size and loosened your shoelaces, simply slide in our three layer height insole. Use one, two, or all three layers depending on how much space is available in your shoe. Get over 2 inches added height

Experiment with the layers to see what works, slide the insole into your shoe, and enjoy the boost!