Do Women prefer taller Men?

Does height play a role in dating for women? The real conversations below attempt to gain insight into the role height plays in dating and relationships.

Height in dating remains a charged topic in dating. 

It seems like a no-brainer that women would prefer taller men. But is there an exception to the “rule”? What, if any, other traits make up for the (lack of) height?

No matter how many reassurances guys are told that height doesn’t matter, that it’s about how confident you are, sometimes we are reminded of real world experiences, like one 6ft Club’s own client, we’ll call him Angelo, a 5’8” male in Los Angeles. He tells us that one common challenge in getting dates is the common question about his height. 

In his own words: 

“Women will let me know on dating apps they’re looking for taller partners. In person it’s not quite so direct but you can tell that things are taking more of a friendzone vibe.”

Many guys found themselves exaggerating their height to get more dates trying to kind of trick women into meeting up with them. No wonder there is an uptick in Google searches of “How to Get Taller, How to get taller after 20, how to get taller after 30, Shoes that make you taller. Women say this happens a lot. Guys that are actually more like 5’10” claiming to be in the 6ft club, for example. Height was the second most lied about trait, after job titles taking first place.

In April 2019, Tinder announced the rollout of a new “height verification” feature that verifies actual height. Many men bemoaned the company’s new feature, only later to find out it was an April Fool’s joke. Although, Tinder has not explicitly ruled it out either. 

What does the research say about women’s tall men preference?

In a study by Rice University and North Texas University, 455 men and 470 women were interviewed about their dating preferences. 1

The study found that about 50% of women wanted to date only men taller than they are. Contrasted by just about 14% of men only wanted to date women shorter than they are. It definitely seems like height is much more important to women than the other way around. Though we are sure there are exceptions both ways. 

There seems to be a ratio of height differences between men and women that’s the sweet spot, with anything too far beyond that height preference would actually become less desirable. 

Another study shows that women prefer men to be about 8 inches (21cm) taller. While men are most satisfied being 3 inches (8cm) taller than their partner. 2

Since women prefer men to be taller by more inches than men prefer women. Maybe this difference in different height preferences between men and women motivate men to exaggerate their height, either by choosing complimentary footwear especially on a first date and/or adding inches to their height on their profiles. Since men are more harshly judged on the basis of height than women. It’s no wonder men are searching for ways they can get taller. 

Men’s taller height is definitely connected to the physical protection women feel and is connected to the gender stereotype of men’s role as the protector. Societally, you see the height difference of men standing over women to be reinforced. 

Average Men’s Height in the US.

What is the shortest guy you have ever dated?

Amber, 5’4

“I have never dated a guy shorter than 6’0 and I find myself looking for guys that are around that height. It’s just something about them that feels right to me. I just like to have a guy that feels bigger than me. But if he’s cute and has style I’d be willing to try.”

Jessie, 5’5

Mostly, I’ve dated guys around the 5’9-5’10 range, feels just right, but I’d be open to any height if the chemistry and vibe fits right. For me, connection is more important. Height is nice too but a good personality and well rounded package can easily make up for that. I like short guys too–as friends LOL.

Angelica, 5’3

Tall guys are pretty hot, but I’d have to agree with Jessie on this one, a good connection is more important for me. I’d rather get the right guy than just someone who is tall. I’d rather not rule out a guy so quickly rather get to know him first. But then again, I enjoy wearing heels haha :) 

Becky, 5’6

Shortest guy i’ve dated must have been 5’7 ish, we made it work. I didn’t really think about it. He was cute and very confident so we fit together just fine. But I think I naturally like guys in the 5’10 range, so about average tall. It depends on the guy tho… 

In conclusion, misrepresenting your height and then being called out for lying is not the best way to begin a dating relationship. Honesty and confidence is much better. Working on your self confidence through self development and upping your clothing style and taking care of your health is much healthier for you and your dating prospects for a happier relationship. Starting a relationship off lying can only cause problems. 

What are some ways men can accentuate their height and style? 


  1. Avoid loose fitting clothing that does not outline your shape. 
  2. Wear darker tones. 
  3. Avoid horizontal patterns, opt for vertical patterns if possible. 
  4. Let the bottom of your jeans drop closer to the ankle, not too high or low. 
  5. Wear classic footwear with a half-inch heel. 
  6. Wear shoe lifts, especially with variable height options. 



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