How to be taller in 6 easy tips

Height can influence they way you are perceived by your professional colleagues and prospective dating partners. We all want to be a little taller. They say height is a state of mind. Height contributes to increased confidence. In this 10 top tips for achieving greater confidence, we will show you easy tips that you can implement immediately to stand taller. 

1. Wear boots or sneakers with a thicker sole. You can also get shoe lifts (height-increasing insoles) to put inside your shoe, which makes you appear taller without having to wear a heeled shoe.

They fit into your shoe and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. The height you will get from both your shoes and the insoles will add a significant boost to your height. Shoe lifts are best worn in higher ankle support shoes like a nice chelsea boot or sneaker boot to accommodate the extra room your foot will need.

2. Avoid looking “lost” in your clothes. In other words, do not wear clothes that are too large for you. Find clothes that fit you which will better define your body. Wearing loose fitted clothes takes away that definition, making you look shorter and less appealing.

A well thought out outfit will make your peer at work or in your social group take notice which will boost your confidence.

3. Mind your posture. Many people are slouching and developing neck curvatures now more than ever do to poor posture and cell phone usage. You can easily regain 1 to 1½ inch by standing up as straight as you can. Also, poor posture signal weakness and lack of confidence. A good posture makes you appear more dominant and signals confidence.

4. Wear darker shades, but avoid all black. Dressing in contrasting colors can make the body appeared halved and bring attention to all the wrong places. Try sticking to darker shades that blend from top to bottom. Ironically  wearing all black can create a diminishing effect and make you look more collapsed, making you look smaller.

5. Work on your fitness. Having bigger shoulders and a trim waist will give you a taller appearance. It will also improve how clothes fits on you. Being out of shape is not only unhealthy, but it has a big impact on your self-confidence and makes you look shorter. If you look good you feel good.

6. Above all, be confident. At the end of the day, you have to develop a confidence that comes from within. Confidence is the key to success. Whether at work or dating, confidence is either the deal-maker or deal-breaker.

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