Do women rate taller men as more attractive?

Life has many teachers if you're willing to listen and learn the lesson. Instead of going left for convenience's sake and present pleasures of instant gratification, you instead say no to yourself and yes to the right things like working out, studying, and taking better care of ourselves and the things in our lives. It’s a path to self-discovery. Maybe you have this realization after a period of emptiness in life.

This is what the self help gurus study and internalize self-improvement. Which is basically work on yourself on the inside, or inner game yourself so you can attract the right things into your life.

Our choices can attract others in an elevated place and lift you up too. As opposed to if you’re not making the right choices, you meet other people that are also worse-off.

That’s why men’s fashion is something so important because men want to men want to are you know make themselves appear in a peacock they want to make themselves feel different and stand out that’s why they buy the nice smelling cologne and where the nice shoes get the latest style in their hair done or for some men dealing with balding issues for example even shaving the head all the way can completely transform your confidence and make you feel great and fresh another thing that shaving their head is good for is for drawing the eyes to the face and not the head

Another way you can Peacock is by wearing our special insoles that you can put into any shoe because it breaks down into three subs that pieces as a reminder shows and shit

You must let go of a little boy things and step up to the adult 6 foot when you’re standing tall to club new been disabled by a little bit and feel real good and they’re arresting hate no you don’t have to be on your tippy toes anymore and it’s very versatile with fashion standing up Tyler at the club or at work can give you a better sense of how you feel about yourself and you just don’t have to be thinking all the time but you’re the shortest person in the room because you’re going to end up being the taller person in the room

Since Elevator shoes are way too conspicuous we've developed a more discreet way to get taller. 6 foot club 3-in-1 height increasing insoles can be put in into any shoe and becomes absolutely invisible and you can test it out in front of the mirror. See the magic. You will be surprised how invisible it is because it’s like a secret between you and yourself so when you end up in a public setting when were many people do not know you or even if they do know you they won’t even be able to tell the only bill bill notice but they will not know your secret which is a small little secret that has a big impact in your life at work and you stand taller be more confident and people reciprocate and respond to your new confidence that you will feel when you step up to the 6 foot club.

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  • Really i’m 6’ and she’s 6’4” and i’m going to use a 3” lift and she wears her 5” heels and the math shows I
    am now actually an 1” shorter, I gained nothing only more humiliation as a reasonably tall guy,

    Mark Gunn on

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