How to be a leader 10 tips

Do you want to actually become a leader? For yourself and those around you? 

Who doesn’t right?

We have 5 tips to get started on developing the habits you’ll need to become a leader, to realize that. 

1. Personal Development 

  • Learn new things, expand and get deep knowledge. This could be a new skill, or language, or learning higher level things like digital marketing for example. 
  • Seek out mentors in real life and online. Learn what they know about, if not technical do how, at least gras the overall knowledge and then hone-in and get better.
  • Becoming a better version of yourself now and always growing in knowledge, health, learning new skills, and most importantly establish personal self-discipline (this underpins this entire point)

So you want to be a leader? Start developing yourself and the way you think about life. Learn critical thinking skills and ask questions. Follow mentors that help you gain a deeper understanding about life. 

2. Self-Reflection

  • Learning about yourself,write your thoughts in a journal and introspect.
  • You can discover more about yourself and what’s important to you. 

  • Look at your social circile, do you have any friends that try to bring you down or belittle your higher path, then they’re not your friends and you should give them up. 
  • Change your friends out for people that have a deeper vision and have real goals they’re pursuing.                                                                             

3. Personal goal-setting

  • Make an action plan and schedule the time to make it happen. 
  • Wake up early and maximize each day, but don’t skimp on sleep. Go to sleep early, this will become a fundamental balancing for your daily life. 
  • SMART goals: You’ll want to make sure that your goals are realistic and you can document the small steps it takes to actually work towards a bigger goal. It becomes a part of your daily life. 

4. Emotional Intelligence

  • A benefit of self reflection, developing your personal values and ethics helps develop emotional intelligence and empathy for other people. 
  • Pay attention and correctly interpret people’s body language and try to ask questions when in doubt. 

5. Manage your Time

  • Part of being a leader, even for yourself, is being able to control your own time. If you catch yourself procrastinating, own up to it and just go do the very thing youre putting off for later and later. Schedule in that time and commit to it. It takes 1 - 3 months to create and stick to a new habit. 

6. Identify your Life's Purpose

  • You have to choose what’s important in this one life you’ve got to live and how you choose to spend your energy pursuing. This one is personal. Make everything else you do serve this one higher purpose. If you want to start a business it’s going to require having to answer some tough questions about what you have to let go of and what you have to do to make this higher purpose a reality. 

7. Effective Communication Techniques

  • 30% of communication is verbal, the rest is body language, tone, which is  not only what you say, but how you say it. 

8. Cultural Awareness

  • Be open minded to other people and cultures, allow yourself to be enriched by all the variety of people out there. Be like water. 

9. Strive to be a good person

- Because the world needs it and because real leaders lead by example in everthing you do. 

10. Exercise / healthy habits

    • Exercise is very important to keep you motivated and not feeling lazy. 
    • It keeps you disciplined and gives you higher level of alertness and focus. 

    Any tips we missed you think we didn’t mention?

    Let us know in the comments below.

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