Our Story

6ft Club began in 2016 with a mission to change the shoe lift industry. So many insoles were simply sourced from China with no modifications for the American foot and often made of materials so soft, they just didn't provide the kind of height they claim.

our beginning

Where do all the great stories of inspiration begin? For Newton, it started with an apple tree. For Steve Jobs, a whole glorious apple orchard. And then there’s me with an apple and a beer, sitting in an Irish pub with my friend Dave, looking around and feeling short.

I voiced the complaint to Dave, who looked at me a moment. Then he said something that would change my life forever.

“Don’t worry dude. You’re in the 6ft Club.”

I’m actually a few inches shy of six feet, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that I had just been made a member of this imaginary club, and for a moment I felt normal—included. So, I decided to make it real.

I created 6ft Club to build a tribe of self-confident men—to give men just the lift they need to see the world from a totally new perspective. We didn’t get to pick our height, but we don’t have to live with it. We have the ability to change it, and in doing so, we have the ability to change others’ perception of us. But you probably already knew that, since you’re here.

So from our team to you: Don’t worry. You’re in the 6ft Club.

~ Founder, 6ft Club

our products

Unlike other shoe lift companies, we don't produce cheaply made insoles, sell them for an absurdly low cost, and then disappear when you don’t like them. We’re committed to design, innovation, quality, and adaptation.

Our insoles have evolved through countless prototypes in search of perfection. We’ve consulted with 30-year plus industry experts and vetted and implemented customer feedback. As our product line expands, our ultimate goal is to provide you with excellent customer service on top of height insoles for every foot size, desired height, and shoe type.

our mission

Our mission is to give men moments of courage—to ask someone on a date, to nail a job interview or audition, to persuade the boss for a raise, to close a client, or to initiate a conversation with a future best friend. As you know from experience, just one moment can change the course of your life, and with the right boost in confidence, you’ll be ready to take the world head on.

Our Story